Welcome to the on-line training course of the FIRECE project !

The training modules provide main competences to coordinators and public operators who are in charge of implementation and management of energy plans and innovative financial instruments with particular focus on industry low-carbon transition.

The training course was designed so that the entire content of the training material is comprised and conducted within 40 hours, and it consists of 5 thematic blocks. Each block contains several modules (minimum 3) with similar content structure. The main thematic blocks of the training are the following:

  1. EU Energy Policy and Objectives
  2. Management of Energy Plans
  3. Development of Financial Instruments
  4. Monitoring the Impact of Public Investment
  5. Support for SMEs to Invest into Energy efficiency

The course is freely available to anyone upon registration. If you want to participate, please contact your national FIRECE partner or the responsible partner ENVIROS (office@enviros.cz, pavel.ruzicka@enviros.cz).